Dr. Michael Weir


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Office:  860-685-2402

Lab:      860-685-3218

Michael Weir received a B. Sc. from Sussex University, England, his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and did post-doctoral work with Drs. Tom Kornberg and Cynthia Kenyon at the University of California, San Francisco.

Kristen Scopino & Dr. Rigoberto Hernandez (above); Recent lab member, Elliot Williams & Jan Estrada (below) at #MERCURY2018

Weir is Co-Director of the Informatics and Modeling Minor, and a member of the College of Integrative Sciences and Biophysics Program.

Weir’s Teaching

Lab members:

Ishani Dave
Brigitte Goeler-Slough
Jack Kwon
Audrey McMahon
Mitsu Raval
Eric Sakkas
Kristen Scopino


Danny Krizanc (Mathematics and Computer Science)
Kelly Thayer (Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science)